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  • Kelsey Davies Talks about shooting Nipsey Hussle

    Kelsey Davies Talks about shooting Nipsey Hussle

    Recently getting into Photography we talked with East London Photographer & stylist Kelsey Davies as she talks to us about taking pictures for Nipsey Hussle’s sold out show in London in March I’ve been taking my photography seriously for about 5 months now. I actually quit my full time job to put more time into my photography. Although I’ve shot many artists now my favourite will always be Nipsey Hussle. Reasons behind that firstly he is one of my favourite […]

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  • Rianna Tamara talks about shooting Mila J

    Rianna Tamara talks about shooting Mila J

    We talk with London Photographer Rianna Tamara on one of her recent shoots: My name is Rianna Tamara & i am a Photographer who has been shooting for pretty much 6 years straight. I got into it by accident having chosen Photography as a ALevel even though at the time i wanted to be a fashion designer. My main passion in Photography is music documentary (although i also shoot fashion & portraiture), whether thats documenting a stage show or the […]

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    Check this Stat, In the 2010 General Election, only 39% of young women aged 18-24 voted. It is estimated that even after a massive push for online registration, there are a further 800,000 young people are still not registered. After a consultation, Youth Media Agency discovered young women are often confused and overwhelmed by politics, or are simply uninterested because of both a lack of political literacy in our education system and a lack of policies that represent them. “We […]

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  • Courtney Francis talks about shooting Stormzy

    Courtney Francis talks about shooting Stormzy

    East London’s Courtney Francis has been shooting great individuals for a while and we get to talk with him about one of his favourite shoots to date Hi there. My name is Courtney and I am a photographer. Well actually i’m a Microsoft certified IT Administrator for an international shipping company but thats boring and you don’t want to hear about that. Im here to tell you about a photoshoot I’ve done for a music artist who has basically taken […]

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  • Ojerime announces new project

    Ojerime announces new project

    The very soulful and alternate Ojerime will be releasing a new project called ‘The Silhouette’ With the one feature from Jordan James, it is something small but lively to look forward to hear a little of Ojerime here:

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  • NANG SELECTION 034 Ft. The Heavytrackerz

    NANG SELECTION 034 Ft. The Heavytrackerz

    NANG Selection back again with special guests The Heavytrackerz and they have a special mix of their latest tracksduring the show listen out for it:     Earl Sweatshirt – Grief Ab-Soul – 47 Bars [Prod. By The Alchemist] Nii Ft. Jamilah Barry – Scarlet StikkyLips & Chris Lorenzo – Model Chiara x Skye Chai – Promise ¥oin – Ismine Oshi – Thank You Oscar #Worldpeace – Right Now [Prod. By Ragz Originale] Mega x Maxwell D – TDK Rich Homie […]

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  • Pepstar  – Hear that

    Pepstar – Hear that

    Pepstar throws out a little video while he is enjoying LA living!     Shot by Kirk Basset the one take one angle performance shot makes you appreciate the lyics   And you can even download it and listen to it on the go:  

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