Paria Farzaneh puts the Persian in Paisley

We’ve been following Paria Farzaneh since the Converse One-Star Hotel and the events she took part in, and ever since then, a taster of both her work and our understanding of the brand has kept us interested in all she has to offer. As if giving us a fire Converse sneaker wasn’t enough, the London based Iranian designer, went a step further to give us one of the best SS19 presentations at London Fashion Week Mens.

The presentation was set inside lorries which gave enough space to create various scenarios akin to mini movie sets. Right from the unveiling we were transported to Iran, with each setting featuring what appeared to be excerpts from daily life in Iran, from the barbershop to hanging out at home drinking tea, or even shopping for clothes.

Each lorry compartment featured garments that were bustling with the Persian originated buta design which we know to be Paisley. From bucket hats, to beautiful shirts and trousers, her design is incorporated into all the pieces. Ofcourse what ends up happening is that we see a fusion of Iranian design with British silhouettes which makes Paria a cut above the rest. She is able to educate us on Middle Eastern culture and show its stylistic relevance to Western fashion.

What we particularly enjoyed about this presentation is that it beautifully juxtaposes the representation of the Middle East we are all too often given in the media, through its showcase of normal life in Iran. The earthy colour palate lends itself to the relaxed ambience she creates in the presentation. Paria is able to create pieces that not overdone with Paisley but are the right balance of sandy nudes against the pattern, which in turn creates understated pieces. With each piece paired with the beautiful Paria Farzaneh Converse, this adds to the malleability of such a collection to the UK streetwear scene.

As Paria maintains a focus on her heritage we would love to see future collections modelled by Iranian model Deba Hekmat, another individual passionate about showcasing real Iranian culture and changing western beauty standards. We look forward to continuously being educated by Paria, the Princess of Paisley, and await the release of this collection.

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