Pause Magazine takes us on The Journey

In the midst of Fashion Week, its easy to get carried away with the shows, showrooms, and of course parties, but rather than attend some more, we decided to change it up and attend an event that nourishes and inspires the mind. We took a break from our fashion week schedules to gain some perspective from one of our favourite online editorials, Pause Magazine.

Hosted by our favourite East end lifestyle store – Not Just Another Store, Pause Magazine put on an intimate panel talk featuring, Founder Johnson Gold, Fashion Editor Terence Sambo, Fashion Director and Freelance Stylist, Samantha Ria, and Youtuber and Blogger Joe Mcloughlin aka Gallucks.

Johnson Gold kicked us off with stories of how Pause magazine started from a humble blog during his University days, to a print magazine, and finally an online magazine. Johnsons told us humorous anecdotes about the struggles of owning a business, which left us thinking about the beauty of perserverance. If there was one thing we took from Johnson’s stories, it’s that when you believe you’re doing what you should be, you will find a way to stick at it.

We then heard from Samantha Ria, who gave us an insight into the world of styling and her journey into it, taking time to mention to those who have assisted her in this. One aspect of her story that surprised us was the fact that Samantha works a ‘9-5’ as a Strategy Consultant. Having heard so many success stories that often start with “so I quit my job….” it was refreshing to hear that Samantha was not only managing the responsibilities of two demanding jobs, but using them to benefit one another which is a possibility that is not often highlighted to people wishing to pursue creative dreams. Whilst undoubtedly difficult, Samantha confirms that having two jobs can be used as leverage to create the life you want.

Next we heard from Terence Sambo, the Nigerian Editor and owner of clothing brand Minus Two. Terence gave us an insight into his foray into fashion whilst living on another continent. Starting off his blog ‘One Naija Boy’ he had an eye for menswear and sneakers, and reached the peak of the fashion industry in Nigeria before deciding to come to the U.K for a new experience. Terence is no stranger to hard graft, and has amassed a noteworthy body of work. We are particularly taken by his willingness to globalise his craft, learn in different countries and take his brand and Pause Magazine beyond the UK.

Finally we had Youtuber and Blogger Joel Mcloughlin, who you might know as Gallucks. Joel’s fit pics have most likely been screenshotted into our phones for inspiration at one point, but we perhaps didn’t consider the effort that goes into consistently delivering good content to inspire thousands of viewers. His love for high end street wear and sought after pieces is aptly catered to the ever-growing ‘hypebeast’ culture. Joel epitomises sticking with a formula that works. He understands his audience, from shopping hauls to unboxing and even his picture style, he applies his winning formula for being a social media mogul.

The entire panel of ‘The Journey’ left us feeling inspired and ready to smash the rest of 2018, each speaker felt relatable and gave us gems applicable to many aspects of our lives. Who knows in the future you might attend a Certified UK talk, its possible!

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