#ThePlaylist 010 | DJ RLo Mix

DJ RLo is a producer as well as great DJ, so good that he is the official DJ from Young Fire, Avelino. He is next up on #ThePlaylist and he is showing you that he knows how to get a party live! Mixing up a few tracks himself swell as playing UK smashes from Krept & Konan, J Hus, WSTRN and even his stage crowd controller partner, Avelino himself.


  1. Desiigner – Panda (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  2. Drake – Started from the bottom (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  3. Busta Rhymes – Pass the Couvoisoir (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  4. Drake – 0 to 100 (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  5. Tinnie Tempah – Pass Out (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  6. Fat Man Scoop – Faithful (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  7. Swizz Beatz – Money in the bank (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  8. J-Kwon – Tipsy (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  9. Meek Mill – House Party (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  10. 50 Cent – In Da Club (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  11. Trey Songz – Say Ahh (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  12. Tyga – Rack City (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  13. Lil Jon & DJ Snake – Turn Down
  14. Bobby Shmurda – Hot Nigga (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  15. Drake – Back to Back Freestyle (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  16. Charly Black & J Capri – Whine & Kotch (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  17. Chris Brown & Tyga – Ayo (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  18. Sean Paul – Get Busy (DJ RLo Mash-Up)
  19. Wretch 32 & Avelino – Hulk Hogan
  20. Krept & Konan – Last Night (Feat. YG)
  21. Angel – Rude Boy (Feat. Haile)
  22. WSTRN – IN2
  23. Yungen – Aint On Nuttin (Feat. Sneakbo)
  24. J HUS – Friendly
  25. Avelino – FYO

Tracks 1 to 18 consist of Mash-Ups I mixed together. I believe mashups play a big part in my creativity as a DJ. Sometimes just mixing the same old songs gets boring so I decided to take a more experimental approach and give listeners something exciting to listen to.

Track 19 – Wretch 32 & Avelino – Hulk Hogan… This Song always hits the crowd in a positive way and gets them vibing!!!
Track 20 – Krept & Konan – Last Night (Feat. YG)… This was one of my favourite songs from their album, which I bought twice because I really wanted to see them do well.
Track 21 – Angel – Rude Boy (Feat. Haile)… When these two get together and make a tune they usually create some really dope magic.
Track 22 – WSTRN – IN2… This song really took the UK Urban scene to a new level and got attention from many major American artists which made people take UK music a bit more serious.
Track 23 – Yungen – Aint On Nuttin (Feat. Sneakbo)… I’ve these two perform this song live many times and everytime they do the crowd goes crazy and the DJ ends up having to reload the tune a dozen times!
Track 24 – J HUS – Friendly…This song actually surprised me a lot I didn’t think much of it when it first came out but the feedback and success from this song has really surprised me and is now one of the biggest tunes from the UK Urban Scene. its all about GROWTH in this game.
Track 25 – Avelino – FYO… When your trying to get somewhere in life your always gonna get people giving their BS opinions but you just have to ignore it and DO YOU and tell them F*&K Your Opinion! Im sure everyone can relate to this 


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