Put on your Last Clean Tee

What do you wear when you’re trying it to keep it simple in the winter? UK brand, Last Clean Tee has got you covered. We stumbled across this brand some months ago and they seem to be growing rapidly.  The brand pieces are unisex and feature clean (no pun intended) prints on simple colour palettes. The brand’s quarter zips and stained glass tees caught our attention, and by the time their baby pink sweatshirts released…we knew we had to follow! If you’re a fan of photographer/blogger (and might as well say model) Nat Winter, then you will almost definitely have seen some of their clothing.  What we especially like, is that some of their pieces feature interesting graphics such as roses and facial overlays. Last Clean Tee are full of surprises, offering discounts, free caps, and free socks with orders, which is handy for the lead up to Christmas! For us this isn’t just any old tee, this is your Last Clean Tee, and to be honest, its dope.

Website: www.lastcleantee.com

Twitter: @lastcleanteeuk


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