Quoted Jeans … A Brand With A Cause

A brand with a powerful cause popped onto our fashion radar at the start of this year. Quoted Jeans made their debut with a well known statement made by Martin Luther King Jr, printed onto a a pair of denim trousers. Passionate about shedding light on social issues, their clothes spark debate and encourage us broaden our horizons.

Their current collection is aimed at raising awareness about mental health, with 20% of all their proceeds going to Mind: a mental health charity. On the back of their jumpers, is Japanese text, meaningĀ  “Hikikomori “which is a term used to describe social recluses, who withdraw themselves from society due to mental health conditions. Available in forest green, orange and white, these jumpers are ideal for the spring weather, worn under a denim or bomber jacket.

We’re looking forward to seeing Quoted Jeans educating us on more complex issues and seeing what quotes they’ll stamp across their merchandise this summer!


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