Ralph Hardy Presents: Growing Pains

Ralph Hardy has many titles and here at Certified UK we call him a Curator in he has been able to curate a compilation project called ‘growing pains’ with some of finest he has been able to grab and many hands to deliver the project!

He said:

‘In the somewhat struggle to be better, you constantly find yourself saying ‘it can only get better’, if your aim and journey is an honest one. Not everyone is out for the same reason so in the growth, you’re likely to find out the hard way but there is no coincidence in the rose growing from the concrete.
This is to highlight there are greats amongst us ahead of their time, doing it for the art. Those making your new favourite record trying to survive, creatives fighting to bring you their story. We’ve been out here for a couple summers now catering for those that will hear so this project, if you’re unfamiliar, highlights the sound we’re about, the energy we’re putting out and the growing pains we’ve been through.’

Although there are many on the track list he feels all these things. The biggest irony was that Soundcloud terminated the Nang Soundcloud and they made a ‘Nanger’ one!

Stream Growing Pains here:

Thea Gajic – When You Breath

Oscar #worldpeace – The System

Frenzy – Cumbauya

Manga Saint Hilare – She’s Nang

Rival – Slow Down Ft. Xjaia

Ojerime – Settle

Bartoven – Gloss

Sipprell x MeloZed – Vulnerable

Emmavie – Dough

A2 – 411

Etta Bond x Raf Riley – In A Rave

Mercston – Gusto’s Interlude

Taliwhoah – Back To Life

PBGR – 95 Beamer Ft. Kojey Radical

Kwollem – Ghetts – Myspace Freestyle 2015

SNE – For My Hittas Ft. Ryan De La Cruz

Fatty Tan Tan – Nostalgia

Intalekt – Tourist Attractions

Isaac Danquah – In:Motion

Fredwave – 4EVA

Jevon – Dark Matter

Rocks FOE – II Freestyle

Oscar #worldpeace – MOOK (Joss Ryan Remix)

You can download the project here enjoy this!

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