Ray BLK makes her hood proud making historic milestone singing national anthem

On the night Anthony Joshua turn his record to 21-0 it’s always been great to see how he represents and in a year we have stressed that you need to keep eye on the great vocalists that deliver R&B tones, Ray BLK delivered an effortless performance and was hailed across the world for it.

It’s a moment like no other and nothing regular please believe that! We have seen the world greatest singers get the opportunity to sing their national anthem and represent where they are from and now Ray BLK can add that to the list of achievements that will never be forgotten as the Nigeria & Union Jack was flown behind her.

Its been a short while since we have had new music from Ms BLK since we had the mini-album Durt, and recently signing to Island records,  you can definitely expect some new sounds very soon!

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