Real Groups do Real Things

We’ve been meaning to talk about a particular group of people for a long time now, and this weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to do so. For the past 3 years we’ve been part of a Facebook group known as The Basement. Starting out as the place to buy, sell, and showcase streetwear, the group has shot to popularity amassing around 65,000 members. What seemed like a place to get your grail or make money,  soon turned into a lot more. 

The Basement has become a refuge for the youth, with members seeking advice on their personal lives, showing life changing decisions, meeting up in countries outside of the UK, and even ordering pizzas for one another! This safe haven is a place to receive encouragement and also for young people to promote their own brands.  The Basement became such a family that group admins decided to create Basement merchandise which shot to popularity and constantly sells out. From quarter zips, to Tees and Hoodies, these clothes soon became a way of members to identify one another in public. 

There are so many ways in which this group has come together to impact the lives of others and it would take more than this post to tell you all, so we recommend joining for those into streetwear. However, its most recent charitable event is what had us grinning as proud members. This weekend The Basement revealed a collaboration with none other than Nike. The capsule features Nike Dunk Lows, tote bags, a chore jacket and skate decks.

The all black collection is well captioned “Real People Do Real Things”, aptly named as the proceeds from the sale will be going to  Young Futures,  a charity dedicated to providing accomodation and creative  therapies to young care leavers (Much needed in today’s society). The Basement continues to be an example to others on how to use your platform for good and positively impact the lives of others. The collection is being sold as a 2 day pop up in Wardour Street, Soho from 9am till 9pm which ends today. Expect queues as the demand for these has been outstanding, and some people even going as far as reselling the items *rolls eyes*. What makes this accomplishment even better is seeing old posts from members saying “The Basement will never get a collaboration with a brand like Nike” yet here we are today, celebrating  success. This is definitely going down in the books as one for the culture, a huge congratulations to The Basement administrators.

We certainly approve of The Basement and predict both amazing collaborations and independent releases in the future. We’re not sure we can categorize The Basement as  just a brand but more so an online family and lifestyle. 

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