[Review] Eklipse – Dark Matters

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Okay, so I can officially say I am a fan of Eklipse, and I will tell you why. I am super critical of artists in the UK because they have been so heavily influenced by American music for so long, and in the last few years I really feel like a lot of rappers and singers have finally come in to their own and developed their personal UK styles without stealing American flow.

By all means, take inspiration from artists you admire, whether they’re American, African, Russian, British, whatever! But… I am happy UK flow is now a “thing”, to the point where Americans are seriously noticing it (Drake and Kanye for example). This leads on to what I actually wanted to talk about, I think Eklipse is very original in regards to his flow, and the content he puts out.

This is the first Rap tape I have enjoyed in a very long time, it was 18 tracks long and I genuinely like each one of them, with Jaw Dance being my favourite because of the dark and gritty flow and Amen being my second favourite because it took me right back to the days when grime was the only genre I’d listen to constantly.

I must say a massive big up to Swiftstar on the production, each beat was absolutely impeccable in my opinion.

Definitely give Dark Matters a listen if you’re a fan of Grime, Hip-Hop, R&B or Rap! Even if you’re not, I’m confident this tape has the potential to sway you. Dark Matters is available for download HERE.

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