[Review] Sanctuary LDN August 2015

Last week Sanctuary LDN’s live music showcase went down at – no, shut down – the Alleycat Bar in central London. The evening was very vibesy.


When I arrived at the venue that evening I panicked thinking I had missed some of the artists but it was cool. It turns out I arrived at a good time. The other guests were chatting amongst each other and getting drinks, clearly eager to hear and see the performers hit that stage.

As the venue filled up considerably more and people seemed like they couldn’t wait any longer, the night began with The UnkNWn’s Gen Havok hitting the stage.

The lovely Shae was next to bless our ears. After performing an enchanting cover of Tink’s ‘Treat Me Like Somebody’, her uplifting debut single ‘Melanin’ was what got everyone gassed. When she was asked what inspired that song, she said it was in a way, a related to the Black Lives Matter movement and recent events surrounding it. “With everything that’s going on right now…especially the movement in the U.S., I find it ridiculous that we’re actually having to say to people ‘Look, our lives are important and we do matter!'”.

Shae Sanctuary LDN Aug15

The feel-good atmosphere in the room continued with the next artist, South London rapper Kai Jones. Her set was levels! She kept the energy levels up with each song and showed how skilled she is as a performer.

Sue Lily was a favourite among the crowd (her loyal supporters near the front of the crowd showed this) and it’s no surprise with her silky soulful voice. She began with her single ‘Water’ and followed it with a beautiful rendition of her favourite song.

Rageouz, a Sanctuary LDN OG who’s performed at the event previously, tore up the stage with his set, barely stopping for a breather between songs. He had us all eagerly singing ‘And I know you know’ during his track ‘Time Trial’.

Emil Sanctuary LDN Aug15

Emil turned up the heat even further with her sexy track ‘All Night’. Before she started she suggested that everyone get ready to turn up, as this was a turn-up song. Any reluctance people felt beforehand soon went out the window and by the time Emil reached the chorus she had the majority of the room vibing with her! It only went upwards from there… When she came to the end of her set, people were so turnt and fired up by Emil’s performance so much that they demanded she sing the entire track again. Like a darling, she agreed even though she admitted to being ill.

After a short break, we were introduced to emerging Afrobeats artist called Broadway. His freestyle showed how cheeky, charismatic and undeniably talented he was.

La Swave from Hella Turnt UK maintained the vibes throughout his set, especially when he performed his track ‘Don’t Play’. SNE gave the final performance of the night, and boy did he close the show! He had everyone on their feet and singing along to his songs, hardly missing a beat. It was the perfect way to conclude an evening which can only be described as a madness.

SNE Sanctuary LDN Aug15

Sanctuary LDN proved once again why it’s one of the live music events that shouldn’t be missed. Those who always rave about how sick the shows are aren’t exaggerating. You simply have experience it for yourself. If you love (or just care about) music then make sure you get down to one of their shows soon!

DJ P Montana was, of course, too sick on the decks and also, shout out to the wonderful Sanctuary LDN hosts Ayishah and Latoya. They helpfully reminded guests to free themselves of inhibitions and ‘be naked’ (not literally but in an emotional sense) while they were there. The reason for emphasising this was to encourage the crowd to not hold back at all if they were feeling the music and performers.
I think the idea of ‘being naked’ is something that should go beyond live music events and could be applied to our everyday lives as well.

Thanks to Sanctuary LDN for a wavey and memorable event… It went off!

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