[REVIEW] VUDA Releases EP Titled Volume 1

Producer, Song Writer, Singer, Creative Director, those are just a few titles behind the talent that is Vuda. VOLUME 1 is Vuda’s latest EP release, the four song EP can be described as Eclectic, Honest, Vulnerable and finally emotively conscious.

This first song on Volume 1 is titled Silence. The intro to Silence is very soft and somewhat romantic, you hear the strong sounds of the piano playing followed by Vuda’s beautiful voice gracefully beaming over a powerful beat and what can be described as an eclectic instrumental production. Her vocals throughout remains low-pitched but extremely emotive and transparent, you can feel her message through her voice. Vuda’s voice range shows complexity throughout, as she changes keys and pitches depending on the subject, despite the eclectic sounds there is a huge sense of calmness.

Listening to Silence, there is a sense of the search for eternal peace, a peaceful silence that would allow one to be at one with themselves, trying to clear one’s mind in search for tranquillity with no distractions. Which is extremely hard to find in 2016! You hear lyrics such as ‘I’m clearing out my mind, but I still hear them’. Silence is very relatable, fighting your inner thoughts which are often a huge barrier and can be detrimental if you’re unable to find peace, we’re all searching for a clearer peace of mind!

Bateman is another song from the EP, Bateman has a very original and classy musical introduction. You hear the old-school music Tape player being turned on, How very nostalgic! The beginning of the song starts off very Low base, but quickly turning into a full-blown song filled with a large variety of instrumentals, sounds and beat. A mini Roller-Coaster journey of sounds just from the intro. That is magical!

Vuda gives the listeners an encounter with an ex that she still loves. She runs you through a low moment which she is unable to explain. I’m positive that everyone can relate! ‘On my own I walk this lonely bath, I’m at your door stops always regrets, you really should have listened, I know you’re not alone I can see her, I can hear here, I don’t care where you’re running to I’m going to be here, I’m going to find you, and today you’re going to learn to love me’

According to the ‘Urban Dictionary’ a Bateman is ‘An upper-class Male who cares of nothing but material possession and looking flawlessly handsome’.

The song Lost is extremely emotive and vulnerable. An acoustic sound that is raw in every sense. Vuda’s Beautiful voice is filled with emotions, her tone is very innocent, classy yet vulnerable, honest lyrically with raw emotions. Lost speaks about losing a loved one, your best friend. Being heart broken and the thought of no longer being able to see or speak to this person again, a part of your soul being taken away from you.

A beautiful but heart-breaking line from Lost ‘I lost my senses, I wish I said I loved you more, please believe I tried’.

Overall a great EP for her, Volume 1 shows Vuda’s exceptional musical talent and potential as a future artist to look out for!  She has range, vocals and story telling abilities that flow seemingly through the choice of great beats!

If you want to listen to the EP you can Stream & download Here via iTunes


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