[Review x Stream] Big Zuu x Kamakaze x Eyez x Capo Lee – Royal Rumble

When it comes to grime one of the most important rules is….SHELL! Tear into anyone that decided to touch the mic and with everyone talking about the state of grime and talking from the stands of different genres but four MC’s that will always talk while in the thick of it are Big Zuu, Capo Lee, Eyez & Kamakaze, from parts of the world in the UK, different worlds and different perspectives but we get this Royal Rumble for the love of grime.

Showing us their unique style in each song you can tell they truly have a love for the sport in grime. Also the topics in the songs are the ones that the MC’s had or is going through from side hustles to promoters trying to underpay you and they way they just express themselves with aggression shows you the beauty in the genre and how they can show their musical expansion such as giving us vocals on Scheming.

Doing great together they also show when its their own style they will cause the same type of madness and you can listen to that in the last four tracks. Each showing what they can bring to a 140 bpm production, this project gets 4/5 Certified Stamps

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