[Review x Stream] Bree Runway – 2000AND4EVA

There is no popstar like Bree Runway. She has let us know that she is going to be a global star and unapologetic about it all while delivering music that is full of energy and has the women posing, voguing and flexing away. This being her debut mixtape she had to set a standard that no other.

We have received a lot of singles from this tape in the build up to its full release and even starting with APESHIT makes us remember when she dropped the visual and causing such a stir that gave her the momentum to drop single after single such as DAMN DANIEL, GUCCI & LITTLE NOKIA.

The mixtape showcases Bree’s confidence and comfortability. She doesn’t hold back in letting you know exactly what she wants, how she feels and how she is going to handle herself and it can be from draped in lavish fabrics or throwing you nokia to the side so she can have your full focus.

Bree has already cemented herself in UK history as having a debut project with the legendary Missy Elliott as a feature in a song that will definitely be on radio for a while and a great milestone for her. Along with other great female features in Yung Baby Tate, Malibu Mitch and Rico Nasty she will have one of the strongest projects out of our country this year and making sure that her voice is heard not only here but internationally.

Bree Runway should be proud of herself, this one is a celebration of herself and the place she has got to as an artist, to women both current and legend fans, family and friends that she enjoys so much that they are on her debut mixtape. To Black women worldwide that they can be unapologetically themselves regardless of whatever the genre they decide to go in, authenticity and impact is key 2000AND4EVA earns itself 4/5 Certified Stamps

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