[Review x Stream] Chantelle – Reserve And Remind

We have been introduced to Chantelle, a 22 year old alternative R&B artist that uses her music to be as honest as she can with those who are fans of her as a songstress and as a person. One of the first things we found out about her was this quote:

I want to help people feel in a world that doesn’t want to

Giving us her first EP on all platforms titled Reserve And Remind. A three track project allowing her to express and allow you to know the real her, this isn’t a persona as this release by the mental health charity Key Changes label and even being open letting us know that she herself suffers a variety of symptoms of mental ill-health and allows all to relate and connect.

Raw and emotive, Chantelle starts powerful with transitions showing that everyone goes through phases and changes and that completely fine. Going into Confessions of me you can tell from the tittle its going to trigger a lot of listeners. Good Enough allows her to be honest with taking it from someone telling you aren’t good enough and it seeping into your own self-doubt and battling to overcoming that.

“I want to eradicate the stigma surrounding Mental Health, LGBT+Q and Race”

This EP is filled with emotion and its not easy to put so much of yourself out there and for us to listen to this on the week of #WorldMentalHealthDay was aligned for us and we appreciate the passion from this and gains 3.5/5 Certified Stamps but beyond the stamps this is something you should listen to or give to someone that you feel will take from this.

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