[Review x Stream] Che Lingo – The Worst Generation

Since we have started Certified UK one artist we have seen grow has been Che Lingo. From the Cool, Calm, Collected three part EP he has always made sure that the quality of his music is always priority and unique and makes sure it is at a high standard where he doesn’t compromise. This being his debut album and the momentum he had coming into this campaign he had all the motivation in the world. A meaningful cause, purpose in his sound, the theme of the album and even with the title as reactive as The Worst Generation he is making sure that once you press play he has your full attention.

Photography by Sterling Breeze Chandler

Putting on for where he came from and the people he came from, grew up with, the friends that have affected him personally and professionally he talks about traumas and teachings and it was from from Che Lingo we heard the statement ‘There is strength in being vulnerable’.

From injustices from our police force that was subject to through friend, Julian Cole of his to working on tracks with those he looked up to, even talking on things black boys feel and they don’t talk up about such as insecurities and the pressures and effects of stereotyping and also money which is valued for the wrong reasons.

Even the last track being with Samm Hensaw and it being the title track showed he wanted to make you understand the true meaning behind this album.

This has genuinely been the hardest time of my entire life creating this work, from my injury to family/friends passing away, the #BLM protests and COVID-19 lockdowns, to illnesses and mental struggles with myself and the world as it stands (no excuses just reflections). I cannot put it to anything other than God and the strength/passion I was granted that’s allowed me to persevere through these very trying times but thankfully we did and THE ALBUM IS DONE! 👑 inspired by my relationship with my childhood growing up in the ends (south london) my experiences as a ‘black male’ in London (considered the “worst” of this/any generation) and how that’s imprinted on not just me but a lot of us who grew up in estates and saw our friends and family affected by poverty and lack of support…in our heads, lives and hearts. I hope it resonates with everyone.

Che Lingo via Instagram

Understanding that he was going to have a lot of people’s ears he wanted to make sure you felt something in every track and whoever does listen will learn. Some call it conscious but you cannot box this, its education, its insight, its progressive and its timeless but released at a very important time in life. This 5/5 Certified Stamped album deserves its time and appreciation with open and unjudging ears.

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