[Stream x Review] CR Blacks – Barnet To Beverly Hills

This one has been years in the making, as Slocal continues you grow as a brand, CR Blacks has been one of the musical foundations that have made Slocal a label that supply great music. His latest project, he has titled Barnet to Beverly Hills shows what he has become subject to over the past few years and has been able to put them into these 10 tracks.

Photography by FromNicksLens

The combination of him and Sokari brings a lot of synergy in this project and from losing people, leaving women and building confidence in him self,  pushing his musical talents and of course being in a better position in order for him and the team to do better. With great features from Babacrunch, BXRBER on a hook, ItsNate and Dotty giving the assist on the outro.

Already giving us All For Me and Beechwood as singles, we get songs like Deja Vu where he talks on manifesting his success, Pressure shows how you handle when situations do get sticky, and of course showing that it can come in English or French and you will feel every lyric.

Watch the video to Panic

Passion filled music and from the rap vocals and down to the production shows a 4/5 Certified Stamped body of work you’ll enjoy from start to finish and one Slocal will have as in their discography as a classic project. 

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