[Review X Stream] DAVE – SIX PATHS EP

Friday the 30th saw the release of South London rapper Dave’s latest project. The rapper who also goes by the name SantanDave, released a 6 track Album titled Six Paths.

The young Rapper has achieved a lot in 2016. His freestyle on DJ Semtex the the follow up Fire In The Booth exposed the audience to his lyrical ability and solidified his talent in the UK music scene. ‘It’s Official You’re Now On the Map’, a statement from Charlie himself.

Amongst his achievements, Dave reached a monumental milestone with his very popular song titled Thiago Silva which passed the 1 Million mark Views on YouTube. Reaching such a number isn’t easy even for a veteran in the music industry. The Video for ‘Thiago Silva’ was filmed in Paris and features another rising star, AJ Tracey. For those unaware Thiago Silva is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Paris club PSG. The rapper himself is an avid football fan, if you listen carefully to his lyrics on a few occasions you’ll hear his clever word play referencing the sport of football.

Dave is Unlike your typical rapper. The 23-year-old, is a university graduate, with experience in the financial industry and can play the piano. Occasionally he’ll posts videos of himself on Instagram playing the piano.


Back to the Album! The First Track on the Album is titled 6 Paths. Dave speaks about life in dangerous neighbourhoods and being a police target due to his street affiliation. Often mentioning how he is lucky to even be alive and not behind bars.

Picture Me is the second song, a Mellow tune that features soothing instrumentals, definitely one for the ladies. There is Clear passion in his voice, as he talks about chasing his dreams of being a rapper.

Breathe is a very graphic song that tackles deep issues of conflicts faced by those living the street life. He talks betrayal, informers and never getting caught slipping. On the contrary he mentions spending and wasting money on useless objects whilst his family in Africa barely have much.

Panic Attack is a very spiritual song. In this song you see Dave seeking guidance and direction from God for a better life. He says he cannot breathe, he needs clarity, his vision is unclear, he is Blinded by a lifestyle that is toxic and he needs God to show him the right way! A Very Deep song from the young man!

71/ End Credits the number 71 refers to the national age of retirement in the UK. Dave wants to retire at 43 and not at 71. The rapper informs us that he has been employed since the age of 16. Employed is ambiguous, as he mentions selling drugs from an early age, making as much as £1000 a day. With Anger in his voice, Dave calls out those ignorant people who talk about the gang lifestyle without any knowledge or experience, but nonetheless chose to glamourize it.

This album gives you a clear reality of where Dave as a young man has been in his life, and his current state of mind. From his unconventional lifestyle choices, to him later seeking spiritual guidance. Through his words and lyrical content, you’re aware of Dave’s intellect. He is definitely a contender when it comes to his word play. The depth in his storytelling and self-awareness is refreshing, lastly his constant appreciation for his mother in almost every songs shows great character.

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