[Review x Stream] Henny Knightz – Random House of Evil

You get harsh realities when introduced to Henny Knightz’ music for the first time and when we got to listen to this EP, the themes come from a lot of pain. Henny knows that its something people deal with and hailing from Hackney, East London everything has been lessons for him to share.

The six tracks touches on things you would keep to your self or very very close and this music allows you to know that other have these thoughts and not to dwell into them as much and that others understand you. Very blunt and powerful song titles and lines that will resonate and trigger you and even from the intro track you get that sound of doubt from others to then seep into your conscious.

Watch the video for Kill

When talking to Henny about the EP we talk on how he embraced the dark moments in life that many don’t get to show and how life in East London influenced him:

The project is very dark but almost lots of home truths that you are projecting, what was your intention for giving such a harsh reality?

The reason I wanted to give such a harsh reality is because suicide is a harsh reality. Depression is a harsh reality and for over a decade I’ve battled with it in silence. Some people are stuck in a house of evil, and I found especially within the black community it can be seen as taboo to subject to talk about. Either that or it gets brushed over and repressed. So I couldn’t pussyfoot around it anymore I had to be harsh and direct. I not only owe it to myself but I owe it to the millions who aren’t able to.

What has East London taught you as a person?

East London has taught me the highs and lows of individuality and the highs and lows or groupthink. East London taught me at a very young age that an idle mind really is the devil’s playground. It taught me to have purpose. To do things with meaning or do it because you want to, not because you had to do it to impress others. East London taught me that there is so much beauty and colour within darkness, you just have to look.

As an artist how do you want to show East London from your perspective?

As an artist, I want to show people that Hackney East London is the home of individuals. We have our own sound, I single out Hackney because my borough often gets overlooked. But we have our own way of doing things. Hackney is here, you’ll understand in due time. 

Listen to Random House of Evil below:

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