[Review x Stream] Incisive – Where You Been

Incisive becomes a West London narrator in his latest EP that he calling a part audio-novel and talks about life from his point of view a more mature stand point past and present and perspective is what you’ll get to hear.

Starting the project with him having a morning conversation with his daughter, before getting in shows the growth in self already. From chapter 1 to speak on it we get to understand the how life was then.

Chapter 2 talks on how we all believe that our lives are like a movie with it’s own soundtrack and even going into detail in a song like ADIDAS made London sound like a scene!

Chapter 3 talks on how things were and gives us a throwback to a scenario many can reminisce on.

Every chapter is a part of his life that he is giving it to us by setting the scene and a song to make us understand it that bit better. Since we listen to books now this was a book where each chapter has a theme track. 4/5 Certified Stamps and ready for the next book

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