[Review x Stream] J Hus – Big Conspiracy

In his highly anticipated second album from after a classic debut Common sense, the build up for this one was surrounded with so much controversy its only right to have the title he has, Big Conspiracy. J Hus has been one of the best artists that came out in the last decade and caused a disrupt like never before and as the build up came to this release there was friction between him and his label and the conspiracy of a leak really had people have their own agenda on how this could of happened but it’s here now and the only thing that matters is the music.

Photography by Nathan Miller

You will hear that combination that hasn’t steered him wrong yet from him and Jae5 and this time the one instrument that you’ll catch throughout the album is the saxophone and it was definitely a huge factor to the quality and the growth of the music. With Io & TSB providing assists also.

The smooth talking and bold statements he puts throughout this album shows that he has had a lot on his mind and before we saw it in 140 characters or less this was the only space where he got that energy out.

As always the minimal but effective feature list has the returning Burna Boy, Koffee and new voice in his sister, iceè tgm on the first two songs of the album who complimented it very well.

The singles that we got set the tone for the album but didn’t overshadowed any song and whatever the theme of the song was, you felt it from the very first lyric. It was a reminder that nobody can imitate the J Hus sound and energy. It was a great welcome back despite the problems and he has delivered an amazing follow up album and achieved a 4/5 Certified Stamped record.

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