[Review x Stream] Jamilah Barry – Romance Me

When Jamilah Barry drops music it’s important to take an artist such as herself in. We would normally get singles however its been two years since Salix Babylonica and whilst staying indoors one thing you will notice is that your feels capacity go up and the R&B artist resonate with you more and more you will listen to this EP titled Romance Me you will see how far your feels go whilst being serenaded by such an soothing voice.

The four track EP emmerises you in your feels instantly and Adore sets the pace very well and will relax you in a way that

Jamilah makes you feel very open about your feelings by laying it all out and even Once-Upon-A-Time has her talking about how the energy went through all parties involved and i’m sure we can all think of examples of that pain. The production changes a lot and shows you that you can always expect a little surprise from her and her team because it’s truly appreciated and will come out of nowhere. This is music of all genders however you identify yourself and Jamilah wanted to also make that very clear when creating glitter.

This EP is definitely the big glass of wine after a long week rather than shots and turn up with the girls. Jamilah is in her bag and lets it all bare in true R&B manner. Concentrated in four songs must of been the hard decision and the way the track were arranged made it really seem like a type of romance story and earns itself 4/5 Certified Stamps

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