[Review x Stream] Jamilah Barry – Salix Babylonica

Its been a long time coming but this is the first project in full from Jamilah Barry. As true fans of the singer/songwriter the build up to this has been amazing to listen to and these songs really do show the level of class she is on and its a great we get one song at a time and she now giving a true structured body of work.

Photo by Harold Inho

Salix Babylonica is a type of willow tree and the calmness she music brings is the same calmness staring out into the view and seeing the one¬†Salix Babylonica just incase you didn’t know, now you do!

With the intro, AFRICAN GOLD starting you hear the busy streets and the culture around her and then her calming the surroundings, with her in a way repeating in a style of a spiritual cleanse. The statement that will stick with you throughout is ‘Never fooled just confused’. Followed by a powerful comment you should hear and not be told about.

Now that you have your soul moved she wants to tell you about the day she let her guard down and her all the things she could, should and would do but her Voix de Raison (Voice of reason) is what keeps her in check and all the scenarios are definitely some that many of you have wanted to do so appreciate the human aspect she gives in this one.

One thing that you were going to get was different styles of Jamilah and her vocals but this song she titled REFLECTION she wanted to show you range and the ballet style of music she has is effortless and this song will really move you passion all through your ears.

We already got More Than (>) & Closer before so make sure you check those out as it’s just as important.

Midtro_2_my.soul is her version of her interlude with her swooning and her just finding her way though the guitar play very chill as it loads up the next track.

The only feature on the project is Midnight Phunk and he introduces ROUTE 73 and give us a detailed account of his life and what he has seen and been throughout and the work that these two have been putting in has been amazing and for Jamilah to give a whole song in her project to him is very cool.

A outro is something that will make you go back, save this project and come back to it later & Saturday Morning gives that day after all the emotions has been poured out and you are just recovering and this will be a song you will play every Saturday morning to get that balance back to normal.

A rarely given but very deserving 5/5 Certified Stars for a truly soulful piece of music.

This is an amazing body of work, it was expressive, passionate, touching on issues she felt were close to her, she was selfless in giving a whole track in her first project to an artist that has been in her corner for a while and it was done on her terms and wasn’t held back.

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