[Review x Stream] Jay Prince delivers a sublime body of work in ‘CHERISH’

He’s been teasing us with some amazing singles as the year began and now Jay Prince has finally dropped the CHERISH EP we were all waiting for. After spending a considerable amount of time over this past weekend recycling every single track it’s safe to say he’s outdone himself with this project that shall be bumped all summer whether alone or at a popping motive.

The EP really feels effortless for Prince as every single track beautifully transitions into another, the mellowness of each track brings about consuming feelings of nostalgia and overall good vibes. The EP had some help from the likes of Mahalia, Kojey Radical, Roméo Dominique Sanders, Aaron PC, Mosley, Raehaven and Da-P .With U Featuring Mahalia, another up and coming artist that’s destined greatness, might just be the stand-out track on the whole project. The soft guitar chords combined with the two artists duetting the chorus really feel like a sunny day with clear blue skies and Mahalia’s distinct yet delicate voice give the song that little bit of soul and throwback R&B vibe we grew up with. In The Morning which was released in one of his double-sided singles a few months back is nothing short of a summer ANTHEM and must be played at high volume to get the full experience.

As a whole it’s hard to find a fault in CHERISH and without a doubt this is one of the best releases of 2018. The smooth instrumentals and vocals from Prince deserve praise as the whole album radiates that feel-good vibe. This project also shows how much breathtaking talent the U.K. has to offer. So can we all stop sleeping on our homegrown talent? lets cherish and appreciate them.

CHERISH EP gets a Certified 4.5/5 Stamps.

Stream the 9-Track EP below and let us know your thoughts.



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