[Review x Stream] Jaz Karis – All Eyes On U

An EP to get you all in your feelings. Jaz Karis creates 16 minutes of emotion calling her record All Eyes on U. This will be the first time we review Jaz in project mode and with everyone away from the world your focus definitely goes toward in those you care about most and with the cycle of emotions you could of gone through Jaz has a song for it, it could be infatuation, let down, insecurities, validation and of course love & loving.

So it could be the infatuation mood you are in and Hold you is the soundtrack to that, she definitely experimented with new sounds and you can tell with a song like Issues and working with different producers and you can hear that in Let me down.

This is a quick journey of feels you can relate to in some way and it can start real heavy and and finish just as heavy and Jaz Karis has articulated those feels very well creating this and this EP gets 3.5/5 Certified Stamps

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