[Stream x Review] JGRREY – Grreydaze

When we gave our introduction for JGrrey in 2016 her sultry sound and her distinctive London tone when she spoke made her such a relatable and relaxing artist and with each release we got to see her personality shine beyond her music and she became more in demand, so much demand she has been able to give us this EP she calls Grreydaze.

Photography by Hana zebzabi

A five track EP with a collection of songs that will put you in all types of feels, showing her style and approach is always unique and also very alluring as you want to know more.

Pretty Insane & Notice were great singles that showed she was enjoying the artist process the three other songs touch on sometimes being numb, having an abundance of feelings and seeing how the state of mind can change over a graduation of time.

Its been at her pace and she has organically given us great music and this EP is no different, her style is cool and abstract as the artwork and these five songs will make you feel something and will hit in its unique way.
This is a 4/5 Certified Stamped project and you can all enjoy.

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