[Review x Stream] Jords – Almost An Adult

You only get to display your first label album once, so say exactly what you want to say and Jords, who has given us projects and singles independently has now given us Almost An Adult. With a lot happening in his life he has dedicated this Album to his family here and those that have passed.

When he gave us the AAA film he gave us the theme of the project and understanding what pushed him to have the album like this. Letting you know that its not only his family culture that raised him but London did. We had singles from the project in Swing which was the song that gave him a lot of energy building this record and So It Go which featured Kida Kudz and we get a warm up to that single with Rose Tinted Glasses with Jaz Karis in the duet. He then turned to features he knows work well in working with Dotty and Thea Gajic and the project really has been created so that you list in chronological order.

He taps into true emotions with Halos, a dedication to those that he has lost and it will be one of those songs that will pluck heartstrings and we get a part two of Mrs Chambers Kitchen in dedication to his grandmother.

When you get to say what you want and it means something it will truly resonate and it can be bars or vocals but the message will hit when its comes from a pure place and Jords has created a story for you to enjoy in ten tracks. A 5/5 Certified Stamped album.

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