[Review x Stream] Knucks – London Class

The laid back, talented and very lyrical Knucks gives us another project and since NRG 105, life has been very eye opening and he has used that energy and feeing to create London Class. The collection of songs and skits touch on life in his view of the ends and although the success has been growing for him he cannot shy away from what is seen on his doorsteps and many black youth.

All showing a type of feel, he wanted to make music with sentimental value like Fxcked up featuring Sam Wise , Your worth and even the Under Class Skit by Akala will cause triggers whilst listening. He wanted also to make you feel good and a song like Thames, Hugh Heff and Muva’s Life featuring Kadiata. There was a song to definitely uplift listeners in Standout which has Loyle Carner & Venna.

Keeping true to self in authenticity and making the message heard London Class Earns Knucks 3.5/5 Certified Stamps and bars will have you want to listen over with no days off.

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