[Review x Stream] KXR – Liver Fulla Wray

Two hip hop lyricists and long time friends Ken MST & Robert Mavro also known as KXR decide to give us their first full collaborative project. Fuelled off bars, drink and a lot of smoke they have titled this liver fulla wray. 

Both do enjoy to drop a punch line or a double entendre in a verse and the project has a lot of those and pieced together with skits to complete the theme of the project. 

They have created songs like Yak and really go out of their way to vent in songs like vsop and only one feature in the project showing, they pushed each other

Production was handled very well and makes you want to listen on and its something you can tell was a key focus in the creation of this

Ken MST let us know that they were working on this for almost two years:

We’ve been working on this for the past 2 years alongside our bro, engineer and producer Mello D  – Liver Fulla Wray. 8 tracks. 1 feature. All vibes.

A 3/5 Certified Stamped project from the duo

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