[Review x Stream] Ling Hussle – Spirit Soul

Her third full project just came at a quick pace right after her giving us Hussle x Dreams and Ling Hussle continues to bet on her self and independently gives us Spirit Soul. The songs definitely reinforces her growth in her talent and the confidence in letting it be known this isn’t nothing fake, this is her chasing her dream and showcasing her art to the fullest and knowing your purpose can take you to a lot of places.

If its not broke don’t fix it, and seeing her style take her to the charts and authentic stardom grow, its only right to have songs just represent her so from track one talks on how things have been and doesn’t shy away from a quick flex of tugging on emotions. Her single Fake Love set the tone but when it comes to the tape it also fills up with songs about love, losses, the grind, real support, clarity, the hustle, enjoying her success and even heartache and pain and with her light tone she always makes it sounds real soothing and motivating. Makes the women want to be as bold as her and the guys look for a woman rare like her.

Ling Hussle is truly a one of one and with zero features and a small team along with some great production where she really wanted her range to stand out and a project like this shows that you can create great music in a concentrated manner with no song over three and a half minutes but hits just as powerful and you can enjoy and relate as you go through every song. Spirit soul is a 4/5 Certified Stamped project

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