[Review X Stream] Louis VI steps out & Releases Solo EP – Lonely Road Of The Dreamer

Louis VI’s Lonely Road Of The Dreamer is an 8 track EP that takes you on a journey of discovery, a body of work filled with exciting lyrical content and depth within story telling. You are introduced to A young man who is not afraid to speak his truth and question life. Louis VI intellectually depicts his life throughout, displayed through his wordplay and metaphors which flow melodically throughout the EP.

Lonely Road Of The Dreamer, is a relaxing, energetic yet gutless project which can be heard anywhere from your long drives, to chilled out moments in your own space of euphoria.

Take in this track by track and see what we learned from the EP.

Outroneous is the intro to the EP, Outroneous set a great tone and gives you an indication of the vibe musically that you are about to hear.  The instrumental and beat is dynamic, engaging and complex. Lyrically the tone is set in the intro, Louis VI even describes Outroneous as the Intro and The Outro, The End of the Beginning.

In FreeParking the beat starts off very soft and mellow, but is followed by complex variations of instrumentals. The song continuous with soft tones and melodies of a soulful sound. Lyrically touching and very clever, listening to the song and hearing ‘Picture me stuck in traffic’ it’s almost like the word FreeParking is used as a euphemism for being stagnant in life, with no clue where to go or what direction, being stuck in a moment of uncertainty. FreeParking is a Hip-Hop song with substance, depth and great story telling.

The beat on the song Space Dust is soft yet energetic. In the beginning of the song you hear echoes of beautiful background vocals from a female voice. Continuing into the song, the beat is very old school Hip Hop, with soulful elements. Lyrically once again Louis VI shows depth and great story telling. The Chorus is very catchy and a bit of a tongue twister which gives it character, the bridge of the song also has some beautiful harmonising sound of a female vocalist. Lyrically seductive, speaking about dreams that almost feel like reality as he is faded!

Question Mark has a live band feel to it, in the introduction you hear loud sounds of the guitar playing accompanied by the smooths sounds of the drums which complement each other very well.  Lyrically starting off very strong with the words You can question my blackness; you can question my accent’ very powerful opening lyrics. Louis VI is Questioning life, on a day to day basis, You can question my life path. His Wordplay and flow is point!

Feeling Something is a slow and melodic sound; the introduction is soft and low-pitched with the sounds of the piano playing, followed by instrumentals. Louis VI says Feeling a deep feeling that touches the soul, in this song he speaks about a certain feeling, he mentions a certain woman, but also references music.  ‘Only music on my mind but I feel good and I feel like I’m feeling something

Please Be There, is open, honest and very raw, a vulnerable song of truth. A Dramatic introduction, powerful falsetto vocals by a female singer and soothing instrumentals. You hear Louis VI saying in a very soft tone ‘Please be there Lord for me’. Lyrically very deep and emotional. The beat is straight Hip Hop. ‘I’ve been taking antihistamine since I was a teen, that’s probably why I lost my sensitivity’. Lyrically depicting his life struggles and the challenges he has faced thus far as a young man. He discusses real-life issues and growing into his own person.

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