[Review X Stream] Miraa May Returns with EP Titled N15

Its been two years apart, but we are finally able to say that Miraa May has a new project to give to her people. When she stepped on the scene her vibe was so addictive but she told us that she wasn’t going to rush new music when its ready its ready and now she has given us N15.

Songs all written by Miraa May. Created in Miami with Salaam Remi, and all songs of the moment. took in each track and we got to see what she felt in that moment!


Soft soothing sounds over a Soulful R&B beat, complemented by Miraa’s beautiful romantic vocals. The Song is energetic and has a bounce to it.

As she speaks of Benii, she utters words such as ‘That’s my baby Benji always taking care of me, never does me dirty’. Benji is about real love, meeting the one, the best kind of man for you.


I don’t want Ya

Cheerful Latin Salsa sounds, energetic beat, a Romantic Latin beat. Miraa uses Spanish words such as PAPI to describe her enduring love. Her voice is classy and Soft as she battles with a love that is troubling and lacks peace, ‘I don’t need your DD, I don’t want your DD, you can keep your DD, I don’t want you’. The Bridge of the song is very catchy and raw; it is repetitive and easy to consume as a listener. ‘You said you care but you don’t, don’t lie!



Classic sound, Classic flow mixed with the guitar playing over a Romantic beat. Once again Miraa May’s voice is beautifully sung softly. In Commit her Singing sounds very innocent and classy. ‘I put my faith in you, will you catch me’ Speaking of a love that is powerful, questioning his commitment, ‘You moving like a demand boy’.  Lyrically raw and some use of profanities. ‘I dint know if I can wait, but I don’t want another man I want you’.



High pitch, Low pitch a huge variation of vocals. Anger is a Soft beat yet bouncy. ‘I can’t control my anger, I get pissed off at the things that you do’ ‘let anyone do you wrong, they’ll see the wrong side of me’. Miraa May is in a conflicted love scenario. Love and hate are very close emotions, her expressions of her love for him is conflicted. Loving someone that hurts, but she cannot help it.


Travel Thoughts

Travel Thoughts has a Caribbean feel to it; the Reggae beat is exciting accompanied with Miraa’s amazing vocals. Her Vocals are on point! we get to hear her sing in her falsetto. She expresses her feelings for the man she loves, despite travelling all over the world no man can make her feel the way he does. ‘I don’t want anyone else, that’s why I’m telling’ ‘the way you make my body feel, I swear down its amazing’. This Song is a great declaration of love.



N15 is a different sound, Miraa is almost rapping in the spoken voice type of way. In her London accent, you hear the attitude within her Voice, she’s Abrasive, Fierce, Gutless and courageous.

Singing and rapping In a very fast pace, the use of London Slang with the sounds of the guitar and drums in the background


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