[Review x Stream] Octavian proves he can do no wrong with his debut mixtape ‘SPACEMAN’

It’s no secret that Octavian has become one of the UK’s brightest talents in just a YEAR and by watching his development as an artist with every track he’s released thus far it’s very clear why.¬† Octavian has a style that he’s made his own through his distinct voice which manages to sound hoarse and smooth at the same time layered over some breathtaking production has earned him respect and admiration from peers and fans alike. So when he announced his debut mixtape ‘Spaceman’ we were excited, to say the least.

The 14-track mixtape is an extraterrestrial¬†journey from the beginning till end as there’s a huge focus on the sonics and production of the project, each track feels and offers something different. For example; ‘Scared’ is a perfect introduction that sounds as if we’re going to embark on something special before being presented with some vocals to close out the opening track. The transition from ‘Scared’ to ‘Sleep’ was seamless, this track right here is a banger straight up and captures more of a Drill vibe; Krimbo features on the track with one hell of a verse which makes it even more lively.

‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘Stand Down’ are tracks where Octavian really shows what he does best, going between singing and dropping a couple of bars without even breaking a sweat. The former track is really a track to the people who doubted his come up, he sings ‘My tune came on and you banged it out’ he knows he’s very good at music and doesn’t hide it… we know it too!

I spent time trying to figure out the stand-out track and it’s honestly never been so hard before but I managed to come to one as difficult a decision it was. ‘Lightning’ is an absolute anthem of a track and carries on the pattern of tracks that consume you with the intricate production like ‘Hands’ and ‘Party Here’. When you hear tracks like these you have to appreciate the artist’s craft because there’s clearly been so much put into this project. It’s worth mentioning ‘Break That’ featuring another of the UK’s most unique artists Suspect is full of energy and due to create mosh pit madness. We also finally got the long-awaited collaboration with A2 who drops a nice verse and Octavian’s hook is extremely catchy.

Watch the video for Move Faster:

If you were excited by Octavian’s singles then this project will take you to another level. This guy is really in a completely different lane to anyone else and he’s proved that with this faultless body of work in my opinion. Octavian has shown he can do it in a full-length project as well in as singles. Everything worked for him here and we’re eager to see just what the future has in store for this exciting young artist. Which now leads me to give Octavian’s ‘Spaceman’ a Certified 5/5 stamps because there really was no other option!¬† Stream the Mixtape below and let us know what you think!

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  • October 9, 2018 at 10:41 am

    Solid tape. Solid review.


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