[Review X Stream] Rachel Foxx – Blue Moon EP


The very talented East London native Rachel Foxx has released her latest project, a Four Track EP titled Blue Moon.

The EP includes the following songs:

To You

Make You Say

Come To Tell You

Make 4 Me/Who

The beautiful and very attractive singer/songwriter has released what can be describe as a grown, sexy and sultry sound for her fans. There is a tone set throughout the EP, one that is flirty, seductive and very playful. Lyrically she is very flirtatious as she serenades her conquest over those vibrant beats, complex sounds and instrumentals.

Vocally Rachel shows depth with her hypnotising deep feminine voice, reminiscent of R&B legend Tony Braxton. Her voice is extremely classy as she shows her diverse range, melodically her voice flows beautifully when she sings.

Blue Moon is fun, flirty and a great project that can be appreciated by those who are comfortable with their sexuality and those who enjoy the smooth sounds of soulful R&B music. Also the fact that Rachel called it Blue Mood she knows that we get a project from here every Blue Moon!

Stream Blue Moon in full Here:

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