[Review x Stream] Ragz Originale – txt ur x

When establishing the growth of yourself you tend to touch on issues that make you uncomfortable and Ragz Originale hasn’t been shy about it and from production for others to his debut and now an EP & title like Txt ur x and the singles given to us in the build up to this release you can tell he is very direct with how he wanted to touch on a topic like this and will definitely have the women focused on what he has to say.

The six songs show the moods and the states that could come from just a text and we had Ragz in his vocals throughout the project and with the features from Eliza, Sam Wise & Bellah although they all compliment the EP you can actually hear the Ragz influence through each of their verses and that is not always easy when collaboration, and they done a great job with Hotel Sex.

This is an in your feels project and those very feels are felt through this concentrated EP. Ragz Originale was able to created this with a nostalgic title, through his own label and that type of control and freedom is priceless and as much as you would of wanted more songs to go with this project earned a 3.5/5 Certified Stamps

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