[Review x Stream] Rebecca Garton – Take Me Home EP

The debut project from Rebecca Garton comes at a time where the country is starting to embrace the R&B genre more and whist the ‘they’s’ are trying to get the playlists more in line with the state of how the genre is actually moving we will definitely make sure you are put on and this is a modern R&B project she has titled Take Me Home.

Photography by Matt_idots

Looking at the tracklist we have had a lot of these single given to us but the intro which gave us a lot more energy to start the project and still in love which is a very honest and open track saying what exactly what is on her mind and being as vulnerable as possible and are the songs we haven’t heard and it was nice to hear it placed with what we have already heard.

The singles we have heard already made us really appreciate them more win it’s full body and let’s not forget Rebecca put together an all girl part 2 for All me which is one of the best women link ups we have had a very long time giving pure 90’s R&B sounds salute to Ling Hussle, Alana Maria & Tia Carys

Having an artist such as Jeremih who has one of the most R&B songs of all time want to be on a song let alone your debut project shows you that you have a presence on a song and comfortable is how to describe how she floats through.

A well rounded balanced debut and making sure that you have all the elements to make the impact she wants to make when creating an R&B project. Songs on her own, with a great rap feature, with an all girl line up, with an R&B great and was able to shine all through it. Take me home earns a 4/5 Certified Stamps

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