[Review x Stream] The MMNT – Views ‘n’ Vibes

In their first release as The MMNT which they can abbreviate as The Moment or Making Magic Never Tiring, the trio of chocolate men have made sure that their debut EP was one that will have you understand each of them and what they bring to the table as they will remind you that if you are going to talk R&B. Gabriel, Kwaku & Sammy have really taken time to make this and its a defining moment for the group.

The boys did not play at all with song selection, all filled with grown and sexy vibes and it could be a rift from Gabriel or a tone set from Sammy or that bass voice from Kwaku, they wanted to make sure you understood exactly when you need to play theses songs.

Drawing from old school classics lines in songs like Loverman & Jodeci and putting their own feels and updated energy throughout the EP in songs like Running and Twister and even giving us heritage vibes in Spiritual. If we don’t see their songs in all the R&B playlists then everyone is sleeping and something very wrong! With only two features from Enika and a rare sighting from Chozen it was a nice way to round off a great intro EP.

There is intention in this EP and to also released on Ghana independence day to show appreciation for their culture and art and deserves the full 5/5 Certified Stamps

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