[Review x Stream] Tiana Major9 – At Sixes And Sevens

Tiana Major9 is a rare gem that you listen to and will want to know more of her. From her first song she has been a favourite in music and already having soundtracks to movies and her being in such a position that people put her in the same likeness as legends and she has handled that very naturally and as we are diving into her second EP we will learn how it felt for her to create freely especially during these confusing times and rightly titled At Sixes And Sevens

The nine songs even structured in a very unique way show the spectrum of feeling they have been created to relate, inspire and also speak powerful affirmations into your life as every couple of songs you’ll get a her and a guitar chiming those affirmations into your life from the beginning and that is a very unique addition to the project almost acting as interludes.

Watch the video for Think About You (Notion Mix):

The songs themselves shows that she draws a lot of from wanting great relationships and what she expects. She can ask for exclusivity in a relationship she can also remind you that love from her will make you feel lucky just to give you an understanding from the first couple of songs.
We get to hear her sing Over some amazing sampled production also in real affair and making her mark on some track that if you know then you do.

It’s always a blessing to hear Tiana Major9 sing and she does it to make us want more and with her growing and being introduced to more she is going to continue to give us timeless music continuously and gives us a 4/5 Certified Stamped EP

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