[Review x Stream] Yung Fume – Noughts & Crosses 4

The Yung Fume sound has seen him get to his fourth edition of the Noughts & Crosses 4 series, a series that has seen him slot in anthems and songs that many now use in music today and even got that true Atlanta sound working with Zaytoven and learnt what he wanted to do to make this a memorable project.

Photo by Fizzel Castro

The singles that came with the release to start the release were big out of the gate and from international to big visual to drop songs and got a true balance in a bringing a wave style of music and gave a big batch of songs to show that he has the catalogue to share.

With only six artists featuring including Lil Durk, Lancey Foux, Fee Gonzales, Zinozee, Yung Tory and Young Adz you can see he can stand alone and when on a track with someone on a track he shines just as well.

Seeing Young Adz featured on a song with Yung Fume as we know they are both great with the melodic flow and hooks, they both compliment well and got a great song out of it.

There are songs filled with high energy, ones to Zone out, be grateful to and even get on your grind to and shows us that he can lock in and give us a lot music those that have rocked with him to date.
In his fourth drop he has given a 4/5 Certified Stamped tape

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