[Review x Stream] Zilo – The Nature Of The Beast

We have been receiving music from Miss Zilo for a very long time and its great that she has taken time out and decided to give us music on her own terms in a time where she can do it without compromising a thing.

Always so soft with her tone and her style, Zilo gives us a lot of loving feels throughout this project and shows her not being afraid to speak her mind when it comes to her embracing those good feelings and is very honest in telling you what her reaction will be when she is triggered.

It feels like she will say this all in a conversation and makes this very relatable and very cool. With stand out songs such as Don’t Waste my time, Hit me up, Keep up Wimmi & Pretty Certain they really show her bossed up, sexy style and in control of whatever her focus is on.

You hear her push her sound in different flows and styles adding funk, neo-soul and even in songs such as Adore & Come through, realising this woman can, has and will make amazing music for a very long time.

All these love and loving songs are in all different styles of soul and that is the beauty of the nature of the beast and its a project you can play all the way through to set and appreciate a mood. A great full project that earns 4/5 Certified Stamps from us !

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