#ROTTUK: A Q&A with The Rest.

The Rest
Photography by Sirius Mode.

How would you describe yourself as artists? Your title (if any), the work that you do, how you operate etc.

Alex: I’m a story teller currently posing as a filmmaker. Using video to tell stories, yet to use film. Maybe it might obsolete by the time we’re in a position to.

Lewis: To keep it simple, we’re a filmmaking duo from Northampton, England. Our aim is to make feature films, but we don’t have enough money for that right now, so we’re just trying to make music video and short films that will push boundaries and not only open doors for us, but also other filmmakers/artists.

Where in the UK are you based/do you reside?

Alex: We’re from Northampton.

Lewis: A town an hour or so outside of London called Northampton. It isn’t great, but it doesn’t lie and pretend to be something it’s not. It’s balanced, that’s the main thing.

What is your opinion on the times that we are living in now?

Lewis: I don’t want to rant, so I’ll keep this simple… Don’t do it for the gram. Tweeting it doesn’t make it real. Nobody remembered your birthday, Facebook reminded them. Enjoy the moment with your eyes, not through your phone screen.

Alex: I find it difficult to give an opinion on our generation and things like that, cause I think it’s kind of different depending on where in the world are we talking about, and what City and what type of person. It’s all relative to me. To generalise, I think we’re so spoilt! We have so much, we value so little. We don’t get news daily anymore we get it by the minute. Which can be good but we care about one thing only until the next one comes by.

But as a young person of colour living and growing up in this country, I feel like we need to hold up institutions that care and speak from our perspectives, not exclusively for but ran by. Things can get lost in translation when we have to rely on white middle class writers to tell our stories and explain our art to others.

What/who motivates you as artists and also as human beings?

Alex: Firstly, the cathartic process of just making something, expressing yourself and turning ideas into something real that can go on to have its own life and become bigger than you. Secondly, the possibility of inspiring someone else. Influence is the strongest currency. Thirdly, friends, peers, and people I admire.

Lewis: As an artist, I’m motivated mostly by those that surround me. I’ve got a great team of people around me at the moment and just as I get comfortable with something I’ve created, someone else creates something that makes me push to create something better. Healthy, friendly competition. As a human, my family. That’s what matters most.

What is your purpose? Who or what do you create for?

Lewis: As I stated above, I create to push boundaries, not only for us, but others also. It’s difficult because a lot of the people that approach us want to stay safe and follow whatever’s hot at that moment. I don’t fuck with that… Either we do something that stands out or we do nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like everything we do pushes boundaries. But we try, that’s the main thing.

Alex: For myself, and whoever cares to pay attention.

How much of yourselves would you say goes into your art and why is that? 

Alex: Most of the time my work is an interpretation of the truth. It’s always a reflection of my taste. I’ve written short films that contain stuff lifted from my own life. And that’s just how I expect every artist to be. Fully embrace your self because you’re your own unique selling point. I’m also not really somebody who opens up unless provoked, so sometimes it’s a way to say something.

Lewis: I don’t even know how to answer this question.


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