S.O.F.T. goes HARD!

The first time we ran into SOFT’s clothing was this summer at their POP UP at One By One store. The brand had been something of a mystery till then- bar a few social media exchanges. Now, it took us a while to figure out that SOFT itself was an acronym for Son Of The First Tribe. After that, we were intrigued and the pop-up became a great introduction to the brand. The brand’s neoprene nuances are well suited to its monochrome assortment of jumpers, truckers, and amazing two pieces. Starting by delving into an aerospace inspired collection, the brand went on to create on trend ‘city’ hoodies, and then some artistic T-shirts centered on its tribe members. One thing we love about SOFT is the way in which its founders use art to provoke thought and understanding of the world around us. Our favourite piece by the brand has to be the Policia Estados black and pink two piece as seen on Mercedes Benson.

Given its name and hint of a tribal collective- we would like to see such influences on its clothing, and more of a guide to its location choices such as SO SOFT Cartagena, and SO SOFT Kenya. There is something that alludes to a mysterious group behind this brand, perhaps it’s the ‘are you one of us?’ slogan, or the masks used in its campaign shots. Either way, we want to be a part of it, and are happy to see that SOFT’s clothing can now be purchased from ASOS marketplace!


Website: www.sonsofthefirsttribe.com/

ASOS: https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/sons-of-the-first-tribe

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sonsofthefirsttribe/




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