#ScreenedNights ‘The Music Edition’: here’s a taste of what took place…


I say “here’s a taste of what took place” because even the most elaborate description can never truly bring you in on an experience. In other words, with most things I can tell you what went down, but you have to have been there regardless. Sometimes “technical difficulties”, glitches and disruptions of programme are what make an event unique/special/authentic and yet they aren’t always written about. Other times the inexplicable occurs and so it becomes a case of “if you know then you know” or “if you were there then you were there”. I will probably repeat this as a disclaimer every time I write about an event from now on, whatever it may be, maybe just using different words and for that I partially apologise in advance.

Anyway! Yesterday evening, BloTV held another #screenednights event at Boxpark in Shoreditch where a significant number were in attendance on the warm but breezy Summer evening. In conversation and in anticipation the crowd were gathered around a screen in one of East London’s hotspots, whilst Moju Drinks were giving out a selection of free cold pressed juices. The evening kicked off with some music videos and continued with short films and documentaries by the following:

MOJU Drinks

We watched Reuben Alaverdian’s ‘Conversation with 9th Wonder’, as well as a part of production company – Lemonade Money‘s ‘Four To The Floor’ series which aired on Channel four at midnight (available on catch up). Last nights episode of FTTF features Kojey Radical and Novelist who was also at the screening. “Four To The Floor is a music magazine program broadcasted as a four part series on Channel 4 from September 2014. The show intends to showcase modern alternative music and features live performances, short films, animations and music videos”. Both Reuben and Lemonade Money spoke briefly on their love and zeal for Hip Hop (Reuben) and the small beginnings of their production company to where it is now (Lemonade Money).

Nathan Miller screened his (and Michael Adeyeye’s) documentary entitled ‘Prologue’“A mini documentary shadowing 3 prospective London based music artists. Witness the hustle, drive and determination each artist possesses in order to reach one common goal, greatness. Featuring Kojey Radical, Isaac Danquah & Suli Breaks”. He also stood up to talk about the project, stating that it took about a month to produce and it was titled ‘Prologue’ as there is more work in progress that will soon follow. “If not this Winter, then in the Spring of next year”, he is also open to title suggestions so tweet @NathanMillerLDN!

High Roller co. received a great response from the debut of their OTFYM (One Time For Ya Mind) documentary, it was an exclusive screening as the documentary cannot be seen anywhere else as yet however, it will be released for public viewing on the 17th of July. Swarve and Crunch of PBGR were in the building as the High Roller visual told the story of who they are in life and in music, when and how they came together and formed the family that is – ‘Play Broke Get Rich’. The atmosphere was filled with jokes and laughter as throwbacks of Crunch’s first days as a rapper were shown and the closeness of the scene in which they are a part of could be felt. It was also evident, judging by the number that came out to watch the documentary.

All in all #screenednights was a vibe, this was my first time attending and if you weren’t there… then the next one should be yours also!


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