slowthai pays homage to iconic horror films in his ‘North Nights’ video

The Northampton MC slowthai has dropped his first set of visuals for 2018 and to call it a MOVIE would be an understatement. These are some of the best visuals to be dropped this year, straight up. Pays homage to iconic Horror films that would’ve kept many of us up in our younger days. He recreates that scene from The Shining,  Blair Witch Project, La Haine and a little bit of Clockwork Orange.

One thing is for sure and that is slowthai is consistent with cold visuals and an equally cold style of music that matches. His sound echoes Grime’s past but still manages to have a modern twang to it. We’re expecting slowthai to have a huge 2018 so check out his new video below, you will not be disappointed!


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