Spotify strikes partnership with Dubset to have DJ mixes and unofficial remixes

When Soundcloud took down so many DJ’s and their mixes there was a huge uproar from so many DJ’s that created mixes and build their career and relied on it to build a presence. Then Apple music announced that they signed a deal with Dubset to allow them to have DJ mixes and unofficial remixes.

Spotify followed suit and decided to also sign the similar deal and it was a smart choice by them. With the deal Using MixBank, Dubset says it can identify the copyrighted music used within a mix and clear the use of that music through the appropriate labels and publishers.

Pat Shah, Head of Original Content Licensing at Spotify said “DJs have long been recognized as the greatest curators of music in the world, we look forward to working with Dubset and the biggest and best DJs in the world to continue to lead the industry by providing our consumers with the best content available in the market.”

its great to see DJ’s being recognised for their hard work especially when pushing artists by playing their music.

Good move Spotify, you didn’t play yourself!

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