Straight From The Dirty South!

South London massive, this one’s especially for you. Reworking the logos of well known brands, artists and even shops, Done London have been leaving their stamp all over the UK fashion scene.

They first popped up on our radar when we saw their “Slewisham” T-Shirt. A play upon the London Borough of Lewisham Council logo; pure creative genius! It doesn’t get much better than a wavey, white tee and whether you’re from Blue Borough or not, it’s essential that you incorporate this item into your wardrobe for the coming summer months.

Their “South” jumpers feature a play on the Spice Girls logo. Available in baby pink and blue, this piece is highly sought after by all Spice Girls fans; including us!

Being huge Nike fans, their “South” shirt had all our mouths watering. I mean the shirt is so iconic, it deserves to be framed. Replacing the Just Do It slogan, with Flourgon’s famous lyrics: “We run tings, tings nah run we”, it comes as no surprise that this item no longer available for purchase; as it was snatched up pretty much as soon as it was released!

For those who aren’t fans of shopping online, you can visit their store in Peckham, if not all purchases can be made via their website. They recently posted their reworked Toys R Us logo, hinting at a potential release and we can’t help but wonder what else they have up their sleeve. Done London are definitely ones to watch and we would love to see some hoodies and head gear from them later this year!

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