[Stream] B Anca – TOASTER

B Anca returns after a short hiatus and reminds all that she is a true Rnboss in the sense of the word making sure that we understand that we don’t have to be liked the respect is truly greater.

She has been part of songs with artists that you hail up today but this being her first official release on DSPs, it had to come in a true lavish way all the way through even to her brows. A video dropping with the song immediately shows the energy she is giving and was the right song to return with this to make a statement. Growth in her vocals and a hook and catch lines in her verses that will make you remember the song.

Talking about her taking a break and making this return she tells us:

Music requires a lot of your time and the lifestyle I was living didn’t correlate with me stepping into the spotlight.

However in that time I have been approached and have worked in studios weather that be writing a potential hit or being approached to jump on a track with a hot UK Rapper.

As well as that I would often run a recording studio @ready2record that dedicates its services to independent artists like myself.

My mind is currently set on building the right team full of visionaries so I can grow and get things done the way I want. I consider myself I am a creative and in the past have found people wanting me to rush my greatness. I can’t stand that sh*T!

I decided to set the tone with a song like “TOASTER” because I wanted to make a statement that simply introduces myself to the audience MY WAY!

Growing up to legends like Missy Elliot, Ashanti and The Notorious B.I.G I defo wanted the audience to feel that Rnb/Hiphop vibe. It was important for me to do that before turning the next page which could be a totally different one I guess you don’t really know what to expect next

Welcome back B

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