[Stream] Bree Runway – 2ON

The return of Bree Runway music is a new energy and her new one called 2ON. Touching on a point that Bree can only explain best herself and with that new energy had a message that she believed many women needed to hear.

Bree tells us :

2ON is here to serve you looks, lols and choreo. BUT it’s also here to serve some topical TEA! 
Don’t let the message fly over your head-top: every day we are told that we could be better, prettier, brighter – as if there’s something wrong with us in the first place? When I was younger, I couldn’t hack the amount of shade thrown at my skin tone from the playgrounds, to the boys at the bus stops after school that were equally as black, to every TV show, every music video, every movie that insinuated MY black was not beautiful! 
I made a terrible mistake messing with bleaching chemicals I knew nothing about at a young age, in attempts to silence the hate, the results were terrible! I’m still repairing damage caused in my adult years right now! If you had told 8 year old Brenda she’d grow to be this powerhouse, I wouldn’t have dared try to change a single thing! 
I’ve learnt to embrace every single quirk of mine, I’ve accepted I’m unique, I am a flamingo in a world full of pigeons, I’ve always been the ‘weird black girl’ I’m not scared to embrace this anymore! 
You have to wear your confidence daily like an expensive coat, embrace yourself, this is who you are! you are worthy and you sure are enough. “Who said i should turn the fuck down ? Who said I ain’t this bitch when the lights go out?” (2ON lyrics) We ain’t dimming down our greatness for nobody, if it’s too blinding for ya wear some shades.

So whether our video and message inspires, provokes or upsets you, just remember: Whoever it is you are BE EXACTLY THAT!


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