[Stream] Bree Runway ft Brooke Candy – Big Racks

The always bold and beautiful East London native, Bree Runway has released a new track titled Big Racks. The beauty who has previously spoken about coming to terms with loving her beautiful dark skin continues to radiate and grow musically as she finds her sound and place within this complex industry.
Big Racks follows on from her popular song 2ON.
It is is a base driven song. The song has a monster beat! It is Bold and a nice blend of Hip Hop, R&B and some elements of pop. If you’re preview to her visuals you’ll know that Bree does not shy away from being a spectacle. The base is potent, stands out throughout the song. You can hear the heavy influence from Hip Hop and R&B songs from the US scene.  
Bree beautifully expresses herself in the song, her vocals are very defined and her range and ability is clearly implemented perfectly on Big Breaks, The girl can sing both high falsettos and low frequencies. Very talented!
The song is catchy and fun! A compact song that’s perfect for a party club scene. American rapper Brooke Candy ends the song with her distinguished voice, speaking confidently and powerfully.
Listen to Big Racks below!

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