[Stream] Bree Runway & Yung Baby Tate – Damn Daniel

Bree Runway continues to bring that relentless and contagious energy to her singles and after the way people received APESHIT you can only want the standard to stay up there and see what more she can take out of her creative mood. She has done that alongside Yung Baby Tate and this video shows their fun entertaining similarities in this 70’s style tune & visual for Damn Daniel.

Talking on her Quarantine adjustment to making the video:

I remember talking to Yung baby Tate like “bitch what are we gonna do?” we had a sick song in our hands, A SICK treatment! my team were literally about to FLEW tate out and BOOM corona said “ wassup it’s felicia, HI”😡 but we STILL didn’t want to abandon the idea of a video so we had equipment sent to our homes, i passed her a brief, shot for the whole day then passed it over to the magician Gemma Yin and the rest history ! we even bought new mics and wrapped up our recordings at home too! i’m so proud of us!!! with whatever resources you have guys use it!! everyone’s at home waiting to be entertained! nobody has access to high gloss productions! get creative! even if it’s just you and your phone, get some dope ideas together everyone’s at home!!! we’re watching !!!!! 

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